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Our collaborative approach has shaped the way we work with clients. We work together to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation and how it operates, ensuring you receive practical advice that is commercially focused and fit-for-purpose. You’ll find us easy to work with, accessible and highly responsive; and that we provide value for money by proactively managing costs.

Understanding your business and your sector

We understand each business is different and our advice reflects this. We work alongside our clients to understand what drives their business and the sectors they operate in. This knowledge and the depth of our own industry experience allows us to predict and pre-empt issues for your organisation, while actively seeking out opportunities.

We are easy to work with, accessible and highly responsive.

At Kensington Swan we place real importance on teamwork and collegiality. This strengthens our ability to work with you collaboratively and ensures we are always finding ways to improve how we work together. This includes helping you to develop your inhouse capabilities further. Our recommendations are easy to understand and get straight to the point. They are written in plain English so can be passed on directly to others in your organisation, saving you time and effort.

Proactively managing your costs

Today’s market has placed resource constraints on most organisations. Kensington Swan has responded by taking a proactive approach to managing costs, delivering value and certainty on every project.

Our firm uses disciplined processes to help manage your costs. These include superior project management, robust and reliable estimates up-front, quality controls that ensure a project is delivered on time and within budget, and clear and transparent ‘no surprises’ invoices. We continue to explore innovative ways to improve cost efficiencies without compromising the high quality of our legal advice.

Fit-for-purpose. The right expertise is matched to the complexity of the project

Kensington Swan is a large law firm with the resources to meet peak demand on large-scale, complex projects, or to provide the individualised attention of a small team of experts.

Our approach is to match the right legal resource to the job. We select from a pool of expertise and skill level, to offer you a blended team that provides value for money. Our approach is tailored to each situation matching the right combination of resources and expertise to your project.

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