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Plant variety rights

Plant variety rights give the breeder of a new plant variety exclusive rights for a period of time.

Kensington Swan’s intellectual property lawyers are experts in protecting new plant varieties through plant variety rights applications in New Zealand and internationally.

We can coordinate management of your intellectual plant variety rights portfolios through our network of international associates with expertise in overseas markets.

PVR agreements

We have expertise with reviewing, drafting, and negotiating:

  • non-propagation agreements
  • plant variety rights licences and assignments
  • commercialisation agreements
  • test and trial agreements.

Dispute resolution

We can also assist with resolving disputes around ownership and use of new plant varieties, and their associated trade marks.

Recent experience

ENZA Limited

We are responsible for the plant variety rights protection of one of ENZA’s new fruit varieties, both in New Zealand and in various markets overseas. We drafted, filed, and progressed the relevant New Zealand plant variety rights applications, and worked with our network of overseas associates to obtain plant variety rights (or plant patent) protection in all relevant markets. We bring expertise and coordination skills to our client’s management of its PVR portfolio.

Florida Foundation Seed Producers Inc

We are assisting our client to obtain plant variety rights protection in New Zealand for its new strawberry variety. The granting of the plant variety rights gives our client the exclusive right to produce for sale and to sell reproductive material of the variety concerned.


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