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Debt Recovery

Kensington Swan’s debt recovery services can minimise the costs to your business by assisting with the quick and efficient recovery of your debtors ledger.

Kensington Swan has a well geared team of experienced partners, associates, and solicitors which ensures that work is completed at the most appropriate and cost effective level.

Our expertise

We have an experienced debt recovery and enforcement team that regularly undertakes debt collection work for a variety of commercial clients, banks, finance companies, insolvency practitioners, and other non-commercial entities. Our service is tailored to your business so it can be used successfully by both large and smaller organisations.

We regularly appear as counsel in the District and High Courts in relation to proceedings against guarantors, bankruptcy proceedings, and liquidation applications. Our team of commercial litigators are confident and successful advocates for our clients.

Our team has also undertaken many repossessions both advising repossession agents and hands on repossession where significant assets are at risk. We understand the importance of working closely with our clients to ensure timely repossession of assets and ‘getting it right first time’, as often there is only once chance to recover at risk equipment or goods.

Key features of our debt recovery service:

  • Set fees for each step taken so you always know the costs of each action in advance.
  • The debtor receives a letter of demand within 24 hours of you instructing us. This first contact, in the majority of cases, makes the debtor offer to pay some or all of the debt.
  • Prompt implementation of all subsequent instructions. We pride ourselves on quick and efficient turnaround and this speed puts pressure on debtors and encourages the early settlement of claims.
  • The high level of net returns produced by our service, even on smaller debts, makes it unique.
  • Personalised reporting to a secure web page to which you have access 24 hours a day. The page is updated as each matter progresses so you always know exactly what stage each collection has reached. The information includes:
    - proceedings issued
    - latest correspondence with the debtor
    - costs to date
    - recoveries to date
    - upcoming court fixtures or payments due

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