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China Business

Kensington Swan’s China Business Group is dedicated to meeting the needs of Chinese investors and companies operating within or entering the New Zealand market.
Kensington Swan的中国业务团队的专长是满足已驻在或准备进入新西兰市场的中国投资者和企业的需要。

We are experienced in working with Chinese organisations to manage their projects and interests in New Zealand. We have an in-depth understanding of the underlying policy, development strategy and long-term objectives driving Chinese enterprises to expand into an economically and politically stable market like New Zealand. We also assist New Zealand businesses looking to enter the Chinese market.

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Senior Counsel, Head of China Business, Auckland

+64 9 918 6213

Chairman and Partner, Wellington

+64 4 498 0835

Partner, Auckland

+64 9 914 7252

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