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Corporate responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility efforts demonstrate our commitment to the community, environment, our people, and clients.
Our people take pride in their contribution to the community and the environment.

Partners and staff play an active role in supporting industry bodies, contributing to think tanks, conducting research for the benefit of our country, and showing our support for people in need. Our people actively participate in our pro bono programme which concentrates the firms’ efforts to make a real difference.

We are committed to sound environmental practices and continue to seek new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Pro bono programme

Over the years, the Kensington Swan team has voluntarily assisted a number of individuals, charities, and community projects. We understand that for non-profit organisations, resources are scarce and money saved on legal fees can be channelled towards making a real difference. For individuals, financial constraints mean obtaining legal advice is not always an option.

To focus our efforts, we have established a structured Pro Bono programme which targets and supports individuals in need, as well as community initiatives which help the disadvantaged, the environment, and social/cultural initiatives.

We value the development and experience pro bono work provides our lawyers. Voluntary support assists our communication and relationship skills and we learn a lot about different cultures and groups within our community.

We undertake a variety of pro bono work. The following organisations are some of those we assist:

The Kiwi Trust

The Kiwi Trust is a partnership between the Department of Conservation and the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society, which aims to preserve kiwi and help them to flourish for generations to come. This work is ongoing.  We are committed to our long-term relationship and support the Trust on a pro bono basis. We have assisted them with sponsorship arrangements, intellectual property and trust matters.

Read more about The Kiwi Trust.

The Arts Foundation

Established in 2000, The Arts Foundation is a private trust, specialising in philanthropic giving to the arts.  Since its inception, the Foundation has donated several million dollars to the arts and celebrated the work and achievements of more than150 artists.

The Arts Foundation represents and involves many of New Zealand’s most notable patrons of the arts.  The Kensington Swan team advised on the establishment of The Arts Foundation, and has continued to provide the Trust with legal services on a pro bono or heavily discounted basis ever since.

Read more about the Arts Foundation

The Grace Trust

We also support individuals and families. One example was acting for Phil and Julia Thorn in relation to setting up a family Trust, the Grace Trust, to own a house in Lower Hutt constructed on land leased from the Laura Fergusson Trust. Phil is blind and deaf and in a wheelchair after being struck down with meningitis 3 years ago. Money was raised by Christian Camping NZ to build the house for them.

Read more about the project at Phil Thorn's blog.

Auckland Theatre Company

Auckland Theatre Company (ATC) is Auckland's premier professional theatre company and one of New Zealand's leading theatre companies.

We have had a 20-year association with ATC and are currently providing legal services to them assist them with the development of a dedicated, stand alone 600 seat theatre and studio complex. .  It will be called the Waterfront Theatre.  Our role is assisting ATC to achieve its dream by providing contractual advice on construction, property and sponsorship arrangements.

Read more about Auckland Theatre Company

Thought leadership

Also through our pro bono programme, a number of partners are providing support in the form of thought-leadership. They give their time and knowledge, working on boards across community organisations, charities, and industry support groups including: 

  • Workplace Savings NZ
  • Honorary Consul of Uruguay in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Lake Taupo Protection Trust
  • NZ Council for Infrastructure Development
  • Financial Services Council
  • Skyline

Environmental responsibility

We actively work to minimise environmental impacts by reducing waste and energy usage. Recycling, video-conferencing, duplex printing, energy efficient lighting, switching off lights and computers at the end of the day, and using acceptable environmental accredited standard products are all examples of how we operate on a daily basis. We seek to buy green products and services, and where possible buy local products.

The Kensington Swan team is committed to sound environmental practice. Our goal is to have a carbon neutral status. ‘Going green’ is a process and we continue to seek new and innovative ways to achieve this goal.

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